Corporate Values

What makes PRIME DCS the reliable choice when compared to our competitors?

Pradata Integra Media, PRIME Data Center Solution (PRIME DCS), is a professional leader in business partnering and data center planning providing responsive service to our clients with innovative technology. With a focus on providing the highest standards in data center planning to provide the return on investment our clients demand.


PRIME DCS has a strong commitment to be the industry leader that has the capability to provide the responsive support and services our clients deserve. By focusing on business partnering with industry leading companies through our professional partner relationships.

PRIME DCS is able to offer relationships that provide data center services through our partnerships that prove to increase our clients desire for valuable IT solutions

PRIME DCS also has a responsive experienced support team that has high quality sought after skills in each field associated with data center development. With structured data center support IT infrastructure experts, engineers and design professionals, cabling system professionals, and many other data center support based services.

PRIME DCS provides innovative technology tools that help our clients get the best data center resources and services. We are an industry leader that use data center CFD predictive modeling and simulation software, which seen as extremely valuable software in the data center industry. PRIME DCS also provides supporting devices included but not limited to power quality analyzers, thermal imagery, data center environment measurements.

PRIME DCS will supply our clients with a mutual service agreement, that will outline the clients selected services. This mutual service agreement will have a proposal regarding the ideas we at PRIME DCS have to fulfill their needs for services we render. The mutual service agreement will also provide an exchange or balance between our company, partnerships, and that of our clients. By providing this mutual agreement of services, our clients will have the comfort in knowing what they will receive. Along with the associated costs based on their budget requirements, we can help you tailor it to choose a decision having a new construction, modular, container, renovation of data center or additional solutions and services for your current needs.

PRIME DCS has an upstanding devotion based on our passion for information technologies, and the distinction of ethical business practices that set us apart from common standards. This ethical policies statement is set forth to meet and exceed the highest of ethical standards for our clients and partners. Based on some of the complex situations that have emerged in the business world. With our high ethical standards also a formal code of conduct not only for our company as a whole. But also for the partnerships that we share with other companies that enable PRIME DCS to broaden the scope of services we offer. We have a specific set of rules for how business is conducted, practiced, and the standards of our professional relationships. This statement is intended to outline fundamental principles for when dilemmas arise and how these situations will be handled. Where choices need to be made to proactively resolve situations in an acceptable professional business manner. This is how we will focus on providing the highest ethical standards in the marketplace instead of being reactive in an unbecoming manner. We also hold our partners to this same exacting high ethical standards, in the event that such an issue does arise. With this in mind will work out the best premise to make sure that the involved parties reach an amicable resolution.


Integrated Data Center Services

Prime passion for information technologies and data center development has become the source to deliver reliable Data Center Services. Our professional and experienced support team driven to give their best to provide all of our services.

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Data Center Solutions

Prime Data Center Solutions are created with customers benefit in mind in the first place. All our data center solutions are designed to provide you the latest advantages in data center technologies without sacrificing scalability, reliability and modularity for future growth.

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World Class Partners

Prime is always looking for potential world-class partners with innovative and distinctive technologies for collaboration and creating new business opportunities.