Conventional Data Center

Early computer instrumentation had involved systems and were difficult to keep the necessary environment for optimal performance. With the quality that is usually only provided by big companies and military institutions with large data center usage. With today’s rapid innovations in technology, data centers are available in any business size. The functionality of data centers have also exploded, because many companies count on their information systems to run most of the day to day operations.

With increased role of data center for business operation, the organization must be able to maintain high standards, integrity, and functionality. Fortunately, not many companies have their own data center IT professionals to design, plan, and maintain the needs of a data center. With this high demand for data center services, especially in conventional data centers, PRIME supplies their skilled expert team to handle our clients needs for their successful data center operations.

PRIME provides many optimal advantages needed for business owners to free themselves from the proper implementation and maintenance needed to run and responsively resolve data center issues.


With PRIME SERVICES clients will be able to:

  1. Know that their data center will have state of art IT infrastructure with premium data center services and the best facility.
  2. Minimize internal network operation for a maximal business network asset.
  3. Have effective continuous network operation, reliability, and scalability.
  4. Minimize associated IT costs and analyze risks.

PRIME will make sure that our clients get the most sought after benefits by using our conventional data center services.

PRIME will also render the expertise needed for 24/7 monitoring and innovative technology, such as:

  1. Data center MVAC
  2. Data center electrical systems and fire suppression systems
  3. Data center security and secure access system
  4. Data center Building Management System (BMS)
  5. Data center Thermal Imagining

PRIME supplies conventional data center services designed in planned tiers with around-the-clock and regularly scheduled maintenance. We here at PRIME decrease any disruptions that could take place in the data center instrumentation and facilities.

PRIME conventional data center support provides:

  1. PRIME Support help desk services that will provide extensive assistance for the data center end users. PRIME will also assist with resolution of broad and fundamental system issues that may arise. But also the advance resolution and reporting for any specialized inquiries.
  2. PRIME asset management services that focus on equipment life cycles. Including asset tracking, hardware bar coding, and additional reporting services associated with asset management.
  3. PRIME installation services help our clients set up the data center and site inspection to make sure that the facility meets our clients need.
  4. PRIME maintenance and in house client IT professional training services we will train your IT support staff, providing the required knowledge and know how to manage the fundamental conditions to keep the data center fully functional. PRIME can also execute responsive maintenance and reporting on data center service issues. With remote diagnostic services, regular service scheduling resolutions, and making any on-site repairs.
  5. PRIME network management services assist your company with remote data center monitoring and reporting This is a very sought after serviced needed by many companies to receive proactive verses reactive on-site remedial repair services.
  6. PRIME disaster recovery services are a essential characteristic in data center needs. This attribute provides a critical function during the result of a catastrophic physical phenomenon. With the PRIME disaster recovery service our goal is to systematically get the data center in working order as soon as possible. PRIME disaster recovery services furnish well-planned strategies and cost effective arrangements to help our clients get the data center to operational status.

Integrated Data Center Services

Prime passion for information technologies and data center development has become the source to deliver reliable Data Center Services. Our professional and experienced support team driven to give their best to provide all of our services.

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Data Center Solutions

Prime Data Center Solutions are created with customers benefit in mind in the first place. All our data center solutions are designed to provide you the latest advantages in data center technologies without sacrificing scalability, reliability and modularity for future growth.

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