Containerized Movable data center

Prime containerized moveable data center is assembled in well-built compartments the size of regular modular transportation containers. The average sizes range from 20ft, 30ft, and 40ft dimensions. Containerized movable data center is an alternative for the conventional stationary data center. The portability factor of the containerized movable data center and the fact that it can be moved and relocated anyplace the data center is required makes this a valuable business option. The containerized movable data center instrumentation is built out of intentionally engineered mobile compartments and components that provide scalable capabilities with several power and cooling choices. Containerized movable data centers are normally more affordable and more customizable when compared to the conventional data centers, this is because containerized movable data centers are made up of standardized system components.

Containerized movable data centers have two varieties. The most commonly seen containerized movable data center is known as a portable data center. This portable data center houses power distribution resources, networking equipment, server storage. This mobile data center normally will be water tight and will come with its own cooling system, fire suppression system, racking, cabling and management control systems. Into a modular container, then the containerized movable data center is transported to the desired location.

Another containerized mobile data center is made up of equipment placed into a facility composed of prefabricated elements. This form of containerized movable data center can be constructed on-site easily.

Product Features

  • Custom Size (20 ft , 30 ft, 40 ft)
  • 5 – 10 Cabinet Racks Capacity
  • Plug & Play Infrastructure (Ready to Operate)
  • Tier-2 Standard
  • N+1 Power, Modular System
  • Downflow Cooling System
  • Dual Layers Fire Suppression System
  • Including VESDA System
  • Including EMS with Touchscreen Display, CCTV, Access Door and Predictive DCIM Software (6SigmaFM)
  • Including 1 Year Warranty & Preventive Maintenance
  • Optional : Power House & Generator System

Why Containerized Data Center?

  • Possible for Rapid Deployment
  • Reliability meets Flexibility
  • Easy to Relocate
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low cost (compared to Conventional Data Center)

Why Prime?

  • Produced locally – short leadtime (avg. 2 month delivery time)
  • Fully Customized – Designed by Order
  • Advanced Design Process – Designed using Data Center CFD Simulation Tools
  • Proven Product – Has implemented in several industries
  • Competitive Price

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