Synergy Between Data Centers and Smart Cities: Building a Sustainable Future

July 1, 2024 12:27 pm | Published by Web Editor

Smart Cities have become a primary focus in various regions of Indonesia. Smart Cities depict modern urban environments where technology plays a key role in creating effective and efficient community life. For some people, a Smart City is an urban ecosystem where the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and autonomous vehicles supported by 5G infrastructure is commonplace and accessible to all levels of society. Although this concept sounds idealistic or even futuristic, the development of Smart Cities requires collaboration across various fields. One crucial factor for a city to transform into a smart city is the ability to collect and utilize data to enhance services and improve the quality of life for its residents. This means that advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence is not the only requirement. This article will delve into the role of Green Data Centers in realizing safe and eco-friendly Smart Cities.

Why Do Smart City Projects Need Data Centers?

Data Centers can be likened to the backbone that supports every need of smart city management, particularly for data storage and processing. For instance, when a smart city project aims to implement autonomous vehicles or digital health services, such initiatives require massive data storage and processing as well as fast network connections to ensure real-time responses. This is where Data Centers play a crucial role by providing the necessary infrastructure. Moreover, Data Centers can also support other technologies currently being developed in Indonesia, such as 5G technology, to be used optimally for the benefit of the wider community. Through integrated citizen services, the government can gain many benefits, such as more effective data management, optimization of health services, Big Data analysis, education monitoring, and various other fields. Challenges in such services are also related to data management, which can even reach terabytes. In this critical aspect, interconnected Data Centers can help support integrated services with low-latency connectivity and reliable IT infrastructure. Data Centers will serve as a single platform for storing all collected data, while 5G technology will help the community and related parties utilize the data or access available services at higher speeds.

Can Data Centers Address Environmental Issues?

Environmental issues are being increasingly discussed nowadays, prompting us to seek new breakthroughs to support carbon emission reduction campaigns. Data Centers are also involved in this issue because their operations require significant energy consumption, thus contributing to carbon emissions. According to data from Climate Neutral Group, Data Centers worldwide account for about 2% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. However, despite criticisms regarding the high energy consumption of Data Centers, their central and essential role in supporting global economic growth cannot be denied. Several steps can be taken to reduce energy consumption in Data Centers, one of which is the implementation of Green Data Centers. These Data Center infrastructures are designed to minimize environmental impact, from reducing energy consumption to selecting more eco-friendly energy sources. In other words, Green Data Centers can support smart city development projects without neglecting environmental issues. This simple explanation shows that digital economic growth can go hand in hand with environmental preservation efforts. The implementation of Green Data Centers allows us to create a better ecosystem in the future, where technology and environmental sustainability progress together. This step is crucial to ensure that technological advancements do not compromise the health of our planet while still supporting economic growth and improving the quality of life for the community.

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