Family Gathering PRIME DCS 2018

February 10, 2018 12:00 pm | Published by Prime-DCS Editor

Excitement of Family Gathering PRIME DCS in Yogyakarta 2018 : Beyond the Limit

Yogyakarta – After working hard throughout the year in data center and IT solution projects, all employees of PT Pradata Integra Media or well known as PRIME DCS (PRIME Data Center Solution) got the opportunity for recreation to Yogyakarta on January 31-February 3, 2018. Four-day three night gathering event was also followed by all managers and employees with their families of PRIME DCS as well. The event of recreation or entertainment aims to establish a relationship, build a sense of familiarity and a sense of kinship between team members as well as cross divisions and with superiors within our company. In this gathering of employees are inserted outbound games combined with tourism activities around Yogyakarta.

The theme of “Beyond the Limit” is expected that Engagement Program can become facilitator for all employees of PRIME DCS in order to more internalize corporate values. The corporate values are truncated as PRIME, stands for Professional, Responsive, Innovative, Mutual, and Ethic. Thus, all employees of PRIME DCS can increase their commitment professionally to provide support and responsive services for our clients. By focusing on business partnerships with leading industry companies through our professional partner relationships, it also provides innovative technology tools that help clients get the best data center and IT service resources. So that, integrated data center service and solution of PRIME DCS offered could always attain satisfaction to our client.

PRIME DCS Yogyakarta Gathering 2018 Beyond the LimitThe very first day, January 31, 2018, all employees gathered and travelled to Yogyakarta by plane. Then up to the hotel, they savored dinner and opening ceremony Beyond the Limit Program at Bukit Bintang.

On the second day, Thursday, February 1, 2018, after breakfast at Melia international hotel, all participants travelled to Magelang for cycling and carriage. Around Borobudur Temple and Pawon Temple, all enjoyed the rustic atmosphere, saw the village atmosphere, traditional houses, and rice paddies with background Menoreh Hills using bicycle onthel / Java bike. Throughout the journey all participants got a chance to do batik with canting and candle, then learnt to make souvenirs of temples and natural rocks, decorated pencils and key chains, and played fun activities and games. Afterward, they had filled their stomachs until full at Pondok Tinggal Restaurant.

Thereupon, all PRIME DCS team experienced the rafting activity in the Elo river along 12 km for about 3 hours with resting a while in the middle of the track, interspersed tasting traditional snack and fresh coconut drink.PRIME DCS Yogyakarta Gathering 2018 Beyond the Limit

While employees’ family went around the tour to Borobudur and Ketep Pass saw the view of Mount Merapi Merbabu and to the Volcano Theater. Later on, they mingled and savored dinner together at Jejemuran Resto.

Itinerary on Friday, February 2, 2018 was all participants Beyond the Limit program would go to the bridge Ijo / Peak of 7 KK. Then, all employees enjoyed a lunch together at Resto Terrace Petroek. The journey continued Beyond the Limit to the Pine Forest and Becici Hill.

Separately, the planning for that day for family of employees was they would have a tour to Ulen Sentalu Museum. After that, they would have a lunch together at Pendopo Kalisuci and took a stroll at the World Landmark Merapi Park.

In the morning at the hotel, before traveling with Scavenger Hunt Competition Games today, they must pass the early games that answer questions about Culture and Tourism of Yogyakarta. The answer would be converted to a number of arrows of The Archer in 7th Post and into the sequence of Land Rover vehicles. Along the way, each was divided into team and must complete missions in each post.

PRIME DCS Yogyakarta Gathering 2018 Beyond the Limit

They tried to decipher the instructions in the form of GPS coordinates that indicate the location of the next post.

At Ijo Temple, they had to go through the Stack Attack game post. Competition game arranging glass into pyramid. The fastest group that could build pyramid, directly could go to the next post by Land Rover.

Group photos using pre-prepared frames in the best locations that the group chooses. The next photo would be uploaded on Instagram to get the most Like. Clues in the form of a password that would show the location of the next post.

The trip to Peak of 7 KK Nglanggeran, the whole team was competing to paint a kite bearing the name of each team. Then, they should fly the kite as high as possible to win the Kite Contest post. Each group got two kites.

Soon thereafter, in one Great Group they had to create a company’s writing form / logo. Then the formation of it would be taken from height using Drone.

The next clue will lead them to the next challenge. Worship of Friday and lunch held at Terrace Petroek THE ARCHER (Jemparingan). The group had a capital of 5 arrows. If they want to add an arrow, then the correct answer in Scavenger Hunt will be converted (1 correct answer = 2 arrows). Points will be calculated based on the acquisition of arrow numbers attached to the target board. In the afternoon, the trip to Becici Peak was to finish the Final Project Giant Puzzle. Arrange the Giant Puzzle into 1 whole shape. Each group would donate 5 pieces of puzzle according to the number of posts that have been passed (1 post worth 1 piece of puzzle). After performing a series of games in each tourist attraction, all participants with satisfaction and happy must be disappointed because the excitement for today must end. Immediately, the Land Rover drove the whole participants to the hotel.

All employees enjoy the Gala Dinner at Rooftop Resto Innside by Melia accompanied by live music entertainment. Announcement of the winner of Beyond the Limit program. Message from the Board of Directors and view the video preview of Beyond the Limit event. The winner got an award. All participants were feeling happy because all equally got various prizes from Doorprize. Some got Samsung handphone, OPPO handphone, Dispenser, Fan, Shoppingemployee gathering prime dcs Voucher 500 thousand rupiahs, and there are many types of door prize provided at that time.

On Saturday, 3 February 2018, after breakfast at the hotel restaurant, all participants are invited to a shopping tour. They enjoyed lunch at Manuk Londo (Cupuwatu). The excitement of the journey in Yogyakarta must end, during the day, all the participants return by plane back to Jakarta. After that all could get back to work and start with fresh and recharged spirit! All seemed enjoy the  Yogyakarta Trip 2018 very much.

See you on our next trip!

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