Checklist in Managing Your Data Center

August 1, 2018 2:03 am | Published by Prime Editor

10 Checklist Things to Do in Managing Your Data Center

The main criteria of an ideal data center infrastructure are stability, agility, and efficiency. Continuous data center operation means that data center operators and managers spend less time reacting to unpredictable problems. Thus, data center managers can save more time to implement new platforms or optimize existing ones.

Here are then ten expert tips on crucial checklist of things to consider in managing IT assets, fending off wasted IT resources, configuring infrastructure, handling application migration, and supporting and running daily data center operations.

1. Handle All Applications Well

The most crucial work for modern data centers is application support. However, the complexity of the application makes IT operations teams have difficulty in monitoring the migration of the app. They must upload a new type of application while maintaining the security system in the IT infrastructure. Therefore, IT operators regularly need to schedule app checks and updates to keep the application running smoothly.

2. Take Advantage of Your IT Infrastructure Tool

Insights about capacity utilization, limitations, access attempts, and more will be visible with IT infrastructure monitoring tools. By focusing on real and achievable scope of work and exploring AI-enabled features, monitoring tools can be used effectively. Note also not to use too many devices that are not necessary because it will make the operator confused.

3. Focus on Configuration Management

Implementation of configuration management tools requires support from the IT infrastructure and development team, but the rewards in stability and rapid updates are valuable and worth it.

4. Obey the Security Procedure

Keeping the system important to always be in safe condition from all potential threats or thieves is the main thing. The IT team can perform security attack tests and use IT solutions for data security and certified security tools. If any unknown person or non-privileged person can access company information stored in the IT infrastructure, there is no point in the smooth operation of your data center.

5. Utilize Optimally the Servers You Have

Optimal and efficient infrastructure management is the best step of data center operation. Often because of the lack of asset management in the data center, IT Data Center Manager missed the Zombie Server. The zombie server is a physical server that is running but has no external communication or visibility and does not contribute to computing resources. The server consumes electricity but does not run a useful service.

Zombie servers are often created because the apps requested by users are ultimately unused or almost pointless. Other causes include excessive applications or services that have been replaced. It is estimated that one in three servers in North America is included in the “undead” category.

6. IT Asset Management

Do you know when your OS and application license expires? How many items are stored on the internet network? Data center operations will run smoothly when all IT assets are properly managed. It’s important to keep an eye on your IT assets. You will find it easier and convenient to track anywhere IT assets with data center asset management in your hands.

7. Managing Server Density

Cloud providers and scale-web organizations provide examples for data center operators in terms of server density and management. Redundancy like Cloud, storage and network virtualization, and hyper-converged infrastructure are new practices for more efficient modern data center operations.

8. Standardize the Management of Change and Renewal

Consistent in change management is required because changes will definitely happen as data increases in your business. The change management process is one of the key practices in data center operations that are important to do. Organizations must support it with compatible tools. Change management means keeping back-end stability so that IT remains flexible and agile.

9. Prioritize Disaster Recovery

The rarely used but crucial thing is the disaster recovery service. Most of the time, data center managers let documentation, processes, and procedures fall from the specified date. This makes recovery from system termination longer and more irritating.

10. Adjust the Rack Level Capacity

How much power consumed per rack is affected by many factors. Data center managers must know the capabilities of each power level and set them up properly. This is because every server has variations in power supply and utilization. By knowing this, the data center operations manager can easily plan to add new equipment. Then, you can plan more space for additional servers and arrangement or balance the power load.

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