Data Center Needs in Indonesia

June 12, 2018 3:39 am | Published by Prime-DCS Editor

The Data Center is a collection of integrated local and international computer and data communications equipment devices that are centered on a secure and reliable location to become the “home” for these devices. These devices should have high specifications and very large data storage capabilities, supported fiber optic data communications networks, as well as security device from heat, earthquake, etc to be reliable as an important corporate and government data storage facility.

In addition, the data center should also ensure the security of data stored thoroughly as well as to stable connections without interruption and high speed internet access so that it can be accessed by many users. Indonesia is still a developing country with over 200 million people spread across the archipelago. The widespread Indonesian archipelago and the increasingly reaching of internet technology to remote areas and the sea, has become a challenge in providing data center infrastructure in Indonesia.

Surely as in other countries, data center infrastructure in Indonesia must also meet the established quality standards, with stable electricity supply and even better if it already using solar energy so it can enter into the green data center stage.

Estimated Data Center Needs in Indonesia

It is estimated that data center needs in Indonesia will reach 375,000 square meters based on conditions in 2016 there are already about 290,000 meters per facet. The era of social media and the digital economy ushered in a drastic increase in data center infrastructure requirements in Indonesia, therefore the Data Center company in Indonesia has increased its chances of expanding its business, and there are already many world class players entering Indonesia by 2016 and will continue to grow.

As quoted from the results of research by a marketing consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, they argue that Indonesia experienced a growth of data center market by 40% and this is highest in Asia and Australia.

Next comes the issue that CloudFlare a provider of Cloud Data Network that provides a special security system for DDoS attack has plans to open a data center in Indonesia.

Another case with Google and Facebook, which is still reluctant to create a server in Indonesia due to uncertain security and government policies issues. Other than the big companies above actually the usefulness of the data center itself can be used by various organizations and functions can vary according to their fields, such as:

  • Governance, usually as a disaster mitigation effort for the sustainability of IT activities and document storage.
  • Enterprise Scale Company, both as a day-to-day operation and as a Disaster Recovery Center.
  • Marketplace, as the co-location data center for day-to-day operations, such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak and others.
  • Electronic News Media, using data center both as operational, backup, and for online streaming.
  • Financial Institutions, relying on data centers in terms of accessible and secure quality of service standards.
  • Online Application Service Providers, such as Gojek, Uber, Grabbike, Spotify, and other application service companies are categorized in desperate need of speed and stability of application access by thousands to millions of people every day.
  • Online Game Provider, to put online game applications along with its monitoring system.
  • Professional Organizations or Professional Associations, which have thousands of members and must regularly access the web to obtain information and submit documents, it is very important to use a reliable data center.
  • Hosting Company, for all IT operational needs.
  • Internet Service Provider, either for backing up or for squid server.
  • Medium-sized companies that have the potential to expand their services

Electricity Requirements for Data Center Infrastructure in Indonesia

In addition to connectivity, another thing that important is the adequate supply of electricity to support the continuity of the data center. Year after year the electricity demand in supply for data center infrastructure Indonesia has increased from 330 MegaWatt to 475 Mega Watt (prediction based on statistics in the year 2016 to 2020). This should be supported by the government by making solar power energy if this need is increasing in the future. The world’s oil is currently in the lowest price, but in reality the price of electricity does not go down significantly, and for diesel it also does not go down significantly so for electricity needs other than PLN and Genset, it’s good data center companies start to build their own solar panels for its electricity supply while opening plantation land or creating its own reservoir to get 2 energy from water and solar power as an alternative energy.

Hardware Requirements and Data Communication Networks

Storage solutions and data communications connections are also very important, as a data center demands to continue to connect and access, and shall have a supportive infrastructure to safeguard data to avoid losing a single bit of anything. Currently the value of data center investment in Indonesia has reached almost Rp. 2.5 trillion and this will continue to grow in line with the construction of data center buildings that have not been completed by data center service providers such as Bizznet in Bali and Telkom Sigma, DCI in Cibitung, NTT and others.

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