5th Anniversary of PRIME Data Center Solutions

5th Anniversary of PRIME DCS data center contractor in Jakarta, Indonesia March 9, 2018 12:00 pm | Published by Prime-DCS Editor

Jakarta – February 18, 2018 is a special day for the big family of PT Pradata Integra Media or commonly known as PRIME Data Center Solution (PRIME DCS). As a contractor and data center and IT service solution provider, this year, our company has entered its fifth year in business growth. PRIME DCS Anniversary Celebration was attended by the Board of Directors and President Director of PRIME DCS and all employees.

The anniversary celebration is so festive with a variety of fun activities and the celebration is also at once to unite all employees of PRIME DCS. The Company’s birthday celebration was held on Friday, March 02, 2018, at PRIME DCS office at Wisma Staco 3rd floor, South Jakarta, which was attended by all employees. We hold a joint prayer for the success of PRIME DCS business. We also share this happiness with slicing a tumpeng and a birthday cake then having lunch together.

With the appointment of PRIME DCS as the only one Licensed Distributor in Indonesia for 6SigmaDC and 6SigmaET products from Future Facilities to be proof of our commitment to providing innovative product and services for data center solutions. Besides marketing the product, we also provide data center modeling services with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) from 6SigmaDC and 6SigmaET for designing and analyzing data centers. Moreover, the demands of clients for data centers that can grow as their needs make us think innovatively with the idea of ​​modular construction and data center containers. By continuing to foster cooperation with professional and reliable partners in this field, we are optimistic and eager to move forward. We will further innovate in serving the needs of data center constructor and IT solutions in Indonesia are increasing.

In his speech, Mr. Nikolas Budi Pradoto as the Chairman of the Company said that five years is a journey full of challenges but also achievements and has attained by PRIME DCS with the entire team. This makes us stronger and more innovative in settling up the challenges of the need for construction services and data center solutions and IT infrastructure in Indonesia. The company is also optimistic that  our team will be able to reach a wider range of its business services throughout Indonesia.

We hope that PRIME DCS continues to advance, succeed, grow more and continue to be the leading company in integrated solutions for Data Center and IT in Indonesia. Amen.

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