PRIME DCS Developed Disaster Recovery Center of the National Library of Indonesia

Presentasi DRC Batam oleh Tim Ahli Prime October 12, 2018 12:00 pm | Published by Prime Editor

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia or abbreviated to the Perpusnas RI in Bahasa Indonesia will hold an event “Set up Disaster Recovery Center and IT Strategic Officer Technical Guidance” at Travelodge Batam Hotel. The PRIME Data Center Solution (PRIME DCS) team as the National Library of Indonesia data center contractor in previous year was invited back this year to become a developer consultant to their advanced data center project. Mr. Anggry Pebriandy as PRIME DCS Data Center Expert Team explained to the new officials about the data center that we have built in Batam and the need for further advanced development next year.

We as consultant and provider of integrated and comprehensive data center solutions and services in Indonesia offer data center management solution. STYRE Data Center Infrastructure Management (STYRE DCIM) is a solution to improve the performance of data center system assets through a comprehensive monitoring system. From these monitoring data can be seen in accordance with the existing environment so as to produce precise and real-time monitoring for more effective and efficient data center management. STYRE DCIM can help facilitate monitoring and control of data center infrastructure, data center asset management, visitor management, data center capacity planning using predictive modeling and reporting and analysis of the results of the data center monitoring. All can be operated easily with the choice of our native language, Bahasa Indonesia. We also provide some input regarding the development of facilities that need to be added to the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) in Batam.

From the results of discussions and analysis from the National Library of Indonesia and PRIME DCS data center experts concluded that it is necessary to build better monitoring and security facilities and systems for the maintenance of information and equipment for IT Infrastructure. STYRE DCIM can answer these problems with one of the modules, namely Visitor Management to become an integrated security system, easy to operate and monitored from anywhere with the gadget in the hands of managers and data center operators.

In addition, it is important for the data center at the National Library of Indonesia to have adequate control room. The data center control room is needed to provide centralized access to all data center IT resources. In addition, the data center control room also becomes a centralized user authentication media, authorization, audit and reporting. With STYRE DCIM, the process of monitoring of all infrastructures in their data center could be easier.

With solutive inputs from the results of discussions with our experts, the development of Data Center Recovery Center can be easily executed. PRIME DCS will accommodate and work on all requests of the National Library of Indonesia correctly and quickly.

In order to establish a good partnership with our clients, we provide consultation and best services in accordance with the Service Level Agreement for the development and maintenance of our client data centers throughout Indonesia.

See you in our next projects!


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