10 Benefits of Virtualization for Your Data Center

April 16, 2019 6:29 am | Published by Prime Editor

10 Benefits of Virtualization for Your Data Center

Many IT organizations must buy and use multiple servers because of limited x86 servers. However, each uses storage capacity to compensate for the current high storage and support settings. Inefficiency and high operating costs occur. So, solutions with virtualization can be an option. Virtualization is needed in software to simulate device functions and create virtual computer systems. Virtualization takes place in a virtual version of compilation of something created instead of the actual version. The benefits generated include economies of scale and greater efficiency.

Modern virtualization today can involve storage devices, networks, operating systems, or even servers. This is a process that began in the 1960s compiling several early mainframe computers having their system resources divided to work on different applications quickly.

Since then, virtualization has grown to almost every form of digital life. From virtual machines that act like real computers to emulation consoles, many people take advantage of what virtualization can provide.

Here are 10 main benefits of data center virtualization.

1. Efficiency Cost of New Hardware

High requirements for hardware along with the large amount of data stored in a company / institution. For example consumer data, sales data, etc. need to be stored on a computer. However, the addition of computers and hardware will also add to the burden of costs.

By using virtualization methods in cloud storage, it can be overcome. You can store more data without having to buy more hardware. In the end this will reduce the amount of costs you have to spend to buy new hardware. But the cost goes far beyond hardware – lack of downtime, easier maintenance, less electricity used. Over time, this all adds significant cost savings.

2. No Worry of Backup

Have you ever experienced, when your computer was suddenly attacked by a virus that could not be used. In fact, you have saved everything on the computer. As a result, consumer data and sales and other reports must be lost. If this is the case, then you can imagine how many losses you might experience. Different if you use virtualization technology.

Virtualization makes it easy for you to store data because it allows you to make regular backups automatically in the cloud. If one of your hardware is damaged, you do not need to worry because the data can still be read and used again. So in other words, virtualization will save your costs and time so that business operations can be more efficient.

3. Reduce Cooling System

The large amount of hardware that works on data center facilities makes the room heat fast. Because the more hardware you need, the more cooling you need to keep the temperature stable. Virtualization can be used in the data center to reduce the amount of hardware usage. This will also impact on reducing air conditioning requirements.

Because of virtualization, besides saving space, reducing the number of data center coolers, virtualization will also reduce your operational expenses in terms of electricity costs. So the accumulation of costs can be reduced.

4. Faster Replacement

When you use a physical server then the server turns off, the transfer time depends on a number of factors, the availability of a backup server, the image of the server, the data on your current backup server. With virtualization, job switching can occur in a few minutes. With just a few steps, virtual machine snapshots can be activated. And with a virtual backup tool, image switching will be so fast that your end user won’t feel.

5. Scalability is Better

Virtualization in the environment is designed to be scaled. Thus, companies can be more flexible in the growth of their business needs. No need to buy additional infrastructure components, applications and new improvements can be easily implemented with virtualization.

6. Better Testing

No need to worry about losing everything if a fatal error occurs. You can return to the previous snapshot and then move forward as if the error did not occur. You can also separate this test environment from end users while still making it online. When your work is done, use it when you are online.

7. Unbound to One Vendor

One of the nice things about virtualization is the abstraction between software and hardware. This means you don’t have to be bound to one particular vendor. Meanwhile, virtual machines don’t really care what hardware they run. Therefore, you will not be tied to one vendor, server type, or even platform.

8. Better Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a little easier when your data center is virtualized. With the latest snapshots of your virtual machine, you can quickly get back up and running. And if a disaster strikes the data center itself, you can always move the virtual machine elsewhere (as long as you can re-create the network addressing scheme and the like). Having this level of flexibility means that your disaster recovery plan will be easier to enforce and will have a much higher success rate.

9. Single-Minded Servers

The all-in-one service will make the point of failure one point there. You have services that compete with all resources with each other. All things can be bought to save money. With virtualization, you can easily have a cost-effective route to separate your e-mail server, your web server, your database server, etc. By doing this, you will enjoy a much more powerful and reliable data center.

10. Easier Migration to the Cloud

By moving to a virtual machine, you are closer to a cloud environment. You can even reach a point where you can use a VM to and from your data center to create a strong cloud-based infrastructure. But outside the actual virtual machine, virtual technology makes you closer to the cloud-based mindset. This will help you migrate more easily.

That was the 10 advantages of using the virtualization method. Not only is it more practical in supporting the company’s operational activities, virtualization can also streamline the company’s operational costs. If you are the owner or manager of a data center and want to cut operational costs effectively, this virtualization method is the answer.


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